Before claiming a commission make sure you have read my Terms or Service


Colored sketch 15€
Flat color 20€
Shaded 25€

Half body

Colored sketch 20€
Flat color 30€
Shaded 40€

Full body

Colored sketch 30€
Flat color 45€
Shaded 55€


Headshot 10€
Halfbody 15€
Fullbody 20€
Sketch or clean line depends on the idea you send but don't affect price !

Reference sheet

Starting from 25€Go to this page for more information

Telegram stickers

Single sticker 10€
Pack of 5 stickers 50€
Pack of 10 stickers 90€
Artistic liberty (5 stickers) 40€

First YCH included, extra will add a feeIf you'd like to use stickers for discord let me know when you place your order.


Background starting from 15€

Extra character are 70% of base price for each additional character

Special project are more than welcome ! Hit me with your ideas, we will discuss a price

If you want to order your first reference sheet please use this form to list every information needed !

Small reference

Front and back view, details

Fursuit reference

Front, back and side view, details

Dynamic reference

Front and back view in dynamic pose, one chibi, details.
Dressed chibi add a fee

Custom reference

Choose what elements are on your reference, or tell me about your need for this OC and I'll tell you what you should have !Sketch references are available for cheaper option.

Last edit: February 2024

I do not draw: robots, heavy weapons, NSFW, any kink (including "on the line" theme such as feet or overly sexualized character), mecha, complex background, outdoor background, humans, gore, extreme body type, any hate speech related art.

General- A digital reference sheet or several drawing (flat colored) is required to commission me. Only exception is for first reference sheet commission.
- For first reference sheet commission without a reference sheet, price include 3 revisions in your design. Fee will be added accordingly for additional design.
- The customer pledges to have read and will respect all the TOS, payment will attest of your awareness and commits you to respect it.
- Additional fee will be added for complex commission or design.
- Any modification of a drawing asked after the validation of previous step might include additional fees depending on the complexity of the edit.
- I reserve the right to use commissioned artwork in social media, books, portfolio etc.
- In the event of repeated violation of these ToS, the customer will be blacklisted and will no longer be able to order or receive commissions.
- Completion time is up to a month.

Payment- The payments are made via p@ypal or Stripe in € (EUR).
- Payment are done when you take commission.
- If payment isn't sent after a week, your commission will be canceled.
- Do not pay me with any cryptocurrency. Your commission will get canceled if you do.
- Refunds are made in case of cancellation proportionally to the work already done.

Usage policy- The customer can freely use their commission outside a commercial use. (printing, repost...)
- Modifying the commission is forbidden. (edit, re color...).
- Converting an artwork in an emote or discord stickers isn't allowed, due to lack of proper credit option. However, you can ask for Discord friendly version of your stickers as you order them.
- In case of a repost the customer must credit me every time. If used as a banner or profile picture please put the credit in your bio.

You can respond with text or visual. Visual will always be more clear, please credit artist if needed.
If you need help to figure out your design, or you’re not sure about anything : let me know ! I love to help you find out what your sona will look like !
All of this is subjective, you don't have to answer everything. If your sona is a scallie "fur" would mean "main body color", if you don't want like/diskikes on your reference sheet, it's up to you !

Written informationName
Written information (like / dislike, character, height, etc...)

DesignPlantigrade or digitigrade body ?
Body type (fluffy, muscular, chubby...)
Fur pattern / marking
Any specific marking (tattoo, heart, star shaped marking...)
Any detail (scar, missing teeth, split eyebrow…).

ColorsHex code or visual reference (With no shading / gradient) for colors of :
• Fur(s)
• Inner ear
• Tongue
• Nose
• Paw pads
• Eyes
• Claws
• Hair

Visual and text references